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I did some sweet R&D for this team, specifically in virtual reality, augmented reality, and chatbots. You can view my research and writing here.

My main project was building a virtual motel for Motel. Motel has a unique workplace culture. The team is scattered around the country, spread out in cities that are thousands of miles apart, and we’re almost always collaborating across different time zones.

Because Motel has the unique quality of being remote physically but connected virtually, we wanted to take a step further and investigate the possibility of gathering everyone in the same “physical” space in virtual reality by building a “Virtual Motel.” Each of the 12 rooms is dedicated to one of the team members.

Tools and languages used include: Unity, C#, VRTK toolbox, assets from the Unity store, Stack Overflow for answering all of my questions

What I learned: Implementing physical interactions in VR like picking up objects, 2D interfaces in VR

Initial Layout & Sign


Detailed Process

See videos of the Virtual Motel here

Motel Website

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